Artweaver 7.0

A painting tool with a huge set of predefined realistic brushes

Artweaver is intended for creative painting. The tool´s interface is quite similar to those of other programs of the same type, which means that it does not pose any special difficulty to anyone having previous experience with painting software. The program supports importing and exporting in various picture formats, including BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, ORA, PCX, PSD, and TIFF, so it is possible to start a job in another tool and continue with this one, or vice versa. Moreover, Artweaver has its own file format (AWD). Besides opening files, it is also possible to import images from scanners and cameras. In this regard, it is noticeable that it supports input from pen tablets as well.

The program has the characteristic of being sophisticated and simple at the same time, which makes it appropriate for any kind of user. Thus, you can equally use it to draw an ordinary sketch or retouch a photograph. It has a whole load of features, like layers, selections tools, and brushes. The tool has a remarkable ability to simulate the feeling that arises when you combine the texture of a paper with a particular brush. Thus, it is great that it lets you select a paper texture to avoid the flat sensation of a computer screen. Likewise, the program creates naturally looking brush strokes. For this purpose, there is a wide range of brushes, which can be further refined to fit the desired style, by changing their size, shape, angle, and spacing. What is more, you are even allowed to create your own brushes from any shape.

In addition to the features described, Artweaver allows a team to work with the same document and even chat about their task. It is also great that it supports incorporating other features by installing plugins. Although it is still not as sophisticated as the leading painting software, the program is definitely a great option that should be taken into consideration. Finally, you should know that there are two editions of this software (Free and Plus). Luckily, it can be used for free with almost no limitations.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports various file formats
  • Imports images from scanners, cameras and pen tablets
  • Comes with an impressive set of realistic brushes
  • Lets you create personalized brushes
  • Supports using layers
  • Allows setting a paper texture


  • Not as sophisticated as the leading painting software
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